Where to download APK – the most popular websites downloaders

APK represents Android Package Kit. This is the file format package used for mobile apps distribution and installation by the Android operating system. The APK uses an .exe file to install software.


You may download APK online once you have an app. Normally, using Google Play Store, users get apps and install first on the computer, if they lack space and install it on the device. You can store android package collection on cloud storage or hard drive, dip into it as you want an app.


Download APKs to your PC

Download Google Play APK in different ways to your PC. Use a website or chrome extension to generate a specific download link. You may get APKs paid if it has been bought already at the Play Store. Yet, look from the Terms & Conditions of Google Play.

Using a browser extension 

In case you are downloading APKs in lots, you can get an extension yourself for Firefox or Chrome. Get an extended version that supports Firefox and Chrome browsers.

  • Download for Chrome APK Downloader extension
  • Download for Firefox APK Downloader add-on


From Google Play using a website

A Chrome extension is not necessary. Instead, you may generate APK download links visiting a dedicated site anywhere you need to.

  • Go to Play Store and download the app.
  • Copy URL address from the address bar of the browser.
  • Visit the site having the extension and paste the name of the app package at the page top in the box.
  • Hit the button so that the download link generates and saves to the computer.
  • Sideload to your phone/tablet the APK and install it as above.

The process

You can download on the mobile device or on the computer the APK file, although the latter is tough. To get initiated, download an APK file using the stock Android browser or either Google Chrome. Next, go to the app drawer and click Downloads; find the file you downloaded, open the file and install the app.

If you downloaded on your computer the APK file, the process is different slightly. You should connect to the PC your Android device and enable the mode of USB mass-storage. The next is to drag and drop onto your device. Then, use a file manager, such as ES or Astro File Explorer, you can locate on your device the file and install it.

Be careful when downloading apps beyond the official Android marketplaces such as Amazon’s and Google Play Appstore.

Best alternative Android app stores

Generally, APK files are found on the APK Mirror are safer to download, but you can read some user comments and reviews before installing or downloading an APK.


With APKs you can receive versions that are not available on Google Play. First, find an APK that you want. Search for an APK file online and download it on your computer to a location that is easy-to-find, same as your desktop.

Go to Menu – Settings – Security – and check Unknown Sources to install apps from sources. Now you can download automatically the apps.