What is the apkmirror and where to download it

APK refers to Android Package Kit. This refers to the package file format that is used for the distribution and mobile apps installation by the Android operating system. Most users get the apps without seeing the word APK from the Google Play Store.


What is the need?

APK Mirror refers to a curated community that is really high, and there is no guarantee that the app will be published. The primary purpose of this site is many, and it has its significance as:

  • It allows updates to the popular and regular apps that roll out slowly and are not available to be downloaded or installed.
  • Getting around sideload prominent apps and geo-restrictions is impossible without the availability in your country.
  • Provides popular apps in association with the descriptions and change logs such that it can be easily rolled or got back to the earlier version, even if there is a new one that begins crashing or there is a need to remove features to enjoy. You can use it for research purposes so that you compare changes among the versions.
  • Allow alternate distribution among the select applications, at the management and editorial applications.


The APK Mirror has important features, and the signature feature represents a careful curation. It means statistically more new apps are getting uploaded and these will get denied, based on the circumstances. Besides, it will not receive approval.


In case the app is new in your Smartphone but does not have a track record proven, and it also does not appear unique, it may not surely receive approval. In case the app appears in the beta, one thing is for certain that it will lack or not have a meaningful description. It lacks the required arguments that it cannot be accepted and it is also not possible to verify the legitimacy.

At the same time as a developer even if you lack the credibility, the possibility of receiving approval absolutely goes down. It means the existing popular apps or the notoriety in the field goes down.


Each day, in fact, hundreds of uploads are done, and there are apps in millions out there, while the majority of them are not really good. Though there is no choice, it is best to be selective.

Does host pay or pirated apps?

APK Mirror does not have a piracy policy, and thus it also does not consider hosting the paid apps. It is an unusual or rare exception to the rule of no paid apps. The developers make updates available to the paid apps so that the public makes appropriate use of it. Normally, this is done first to test the beta releases. There is a license check involved usually so that one is able to ascertain the apps were bought previously. Even the MX Player Pro is an example of this exception, and this is because even the developer of the app provides on its site the APKs test.

This is the URL to access the website of APKMirror: https://www.apkmirror.com/