What is the Chrome APK and where to download it

Chrome apk helps to browse on your tablet and Android phone faster, especially when you have on your desktop Google Chrome browser. You may pick that you left on other devices with search by voice, tab sync and save data usage up to 50% while browsing.


About this app

Surfing the internet is secure and fast. Downloading on a mobile device the Google Chrome app allows users to surf from the place left off on other computers or gadgets. This chrome apk app allows users to sync across devices the information and you can also retrieve the tabs and bookmarks saved on your laptop or the tablet. In case you do not want the browsing history to be remembered, it is best always to use the Incognito mode.


With the Google Chrome apk app, you are allowed to open as many tabs you want; besides it is also possible to flick through them with complete ease and convenience. The browser app allows the websites to move ahead as per the visited pages that the browsing becomes easier and faster for the users. It also solves for you the required basic mathematical equations. You can navigate using the voice commands using the hands-free web feature. You can also translate web pages into the desired language you wish.


Keep devices protected always. Enable automatic update of the Google app so that the latest version is easily available and it should be obtainable in all the gadgets; thus, it means your gadgets must be protected using recent security features.



  • Save data by reducing the usage of mobile data while browsing up to 50%.
  • Voice Search is to find on-the-go the answers without typing
  • Using this chrome apk, you can sync across devices, enjoy seamless access and open bookmarks and tabs from your phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Translate the web pages that offers easy read in  any language
  • Faster browsing is possible as you choose from search results such that it appears instantly the moment you type. It offers quick access to the visited pages.
  • you can use the Incognito mode averting the history saving
  • Open tabs as much as you want and flip quickly by swiping on the toolbar from side to side.


What’s New?

Chrome apk includes useful actions available in apps. This will be seen in Find in the page, and it opens web pages using the chrome. You can find on the New Tab Page the frequently updated article, use search engines recently visited by setting it as a default search engine, you can see the suggestions of the physical web relying on the surroundings in the address bar, besides fixing bugs and showing improvements on performance.


App Permissions

Chrome apk requires on your android device the following permissions such as:

  • Open network sockets
  • Access the location approximately
  • Access camera device
  • Modify global audio settings
  • Read sync stats
  • Write to external storage
  • Access to the vibrator
  • Prevents processor such that the screen does not dim or even from processor sleeping.

You can download the google chrome APK app from the following link https://apkpure.com/google-chrome-fast-secure/com.android.chrome