What is the Google Play Store APK and where to download it

Today’s mobile devices have individual platform featuring almost everything as the Android with Play Store. However, Google Play Store is the center or the hub for everything adding to Android devices for several purposes. These are specific tools that stores apps.


The Google play store apk is a feature appearing by default in the Android devices same as the iOS devices App Store. Many apps allow downloading, searching, and using Android that is a platform with open source, and it allows more people to produce and develop apps so that you deal with various purposes and needs while using Android devices.



Usually, Android users find Google Play as they buy their Smartphone and it appears in the menu list. This is an application that appears as built-in and allows the users to run and install another application offered by the store. Regrettably, for some reason, if the application is not available, it means software damage.  There are alternative methods to install with the APK file.


You may prepare file manager application as it is available normally by default on the Smartphone. However, for some reasons in case the application is not available, you may download the application of files explorer. You must visit on the file manager application, the download folder. Here you may find the APK just downloaded. The folder is in the internal memory located by default. It may use the external memory on setting it as the default download folder.


This app needs the Google Play Service to function or run normally. In case, your Smartphone does not show the Play service app, and you need to install the following apps:

  • Google Contacts Sync
  • Google Account Manager
  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Play Services


Downloading each app as per the Android version is mandatory, so download the apps paying attention to the Minimum Android version or Requirement in the File Information Scheme.

Run APK file by tapping the file. A warning of popup will appear after tapping the file. The system may warn the users of the application being activated from unknown sources. It would be best if you did not panic as you have permission to the activation to enable the icon by tapping. The alternative method is to select security from the setting and to enable the unknown source. The APK file will begin running.


How to Update?

Many times it is observed that users fail to understand the Google Store is updated already. This happens as the application is a pre-installed app that it authorizes to update.  Conversely, there is a flaw and updating this app is necessary through the APK. However, without the update as the latest version running, enjoying the latest features is difficult.


The foremost step is to check the Play Store version installed and if it is updated, just download the latest APK file. Find it on the file manager , and it is mostly available in the Smartphone.

In case it does not appear, downloads the application of file explorer and just taps it so that the located APK file runs.  It will get activated.


You can access the Playstore in the following link: https://play.google.com/store?hl=en_US